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ICP's expertise in designing and objective evaluation tools can be used in the assessment of current staff, new intakes and as recruitment tool. These assessments help our clients in appraising talents effectively and to make the rihgt decision.

BENEFITS Time saving

  • A tool in decision making for restructuring exercices.
  • For entry level position , provifdes exposure to the candidates to different situations they will face on the job.
  • Allows objective comparisons between professionals which helps in the decision making.
  • A positive candidate experience
  • A brand image support & great communication tool

    We design and deliver a range of services which can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Our products include:

    Bespoke Assessment Centre design; Group exercise, Role-play exercise, In-tray exercise, Analysis exercise, Presentation/Analysis exercise
    Assessor Training design and delivery
    Assessor Training design and delivery

    Telephone and video interview design
    Self-selection tools
    Psychometric test provision

    Competency - based, values and strengths interview design
    Personality profiling
    Passmark and adverse impact guidance

    Salary Survey

    Competition for talent and limited salary budgets are making it more challenging to create a compensation plan that will attract and retain skilled employees. To meet these challenges, access to the right compensation data ensures that your organisation is competitively positioned to attract the talent you need and retain the valuable employees you have.

    ICP can help you build a competitive compensation plan that aligns with your organisation’s goals and objectives. With our products, you have the ability to level roles for benchmarking across industry sectors, as well as analyze total cash compensation, long-term incentives, total direct compensation and total rewards.

    We have the data to assist you with all of your compensation planning, benefit design, employment terms and conditions, and HR policies and practices needs.

    It is the ultimate resource for HR professionals, CFOs and CEOs making decisions on reward strategy, overall and merit salary increases, variable pay and other hot topics affecting compensation. Our offerings include:

  • Salary surveys that provide robust and detailed compensation data for all industries, covering executives and employees at all levels Broad coverage of employment terms and conditions, and prevailing benefit design practices
  • ICP’s experts that support your data interpretation and subsequent action plans For information on our tools, products and services, please contact us You can also download our Salary Survey presentation

    Facing a constant changing business environment, employers have to adapt to this environment and review their strategies and their workforces. Outplacement services are an effective method for smoothly transitioning employees from your organisation. Redundancy is an emotional experience for employees and employers alike. The way the process is handled has a tremendous impact on an organisation’s standing, reputation and performance


    ICP’s Outplacement Services ensure employees experience a smooth transition from your organisation while allowing you to feel confident that you are communicating a strong message about treating employees with dignity and respect even in difficult times. ICP will work with you to implement your transition initiatives in line with your values, reducing the risks associated with change and protecting your brand. ICP’s approach to Outplacement Services not only addresses the needs of the organisation but also those of employees at various levels. Our services are completely tailored to our client’s needs.

    The programme:

  • 1. Equips individuals with the confidence and skills to manage change effectively
  • 2. Assists individuals to understand their transferable skills, interests and drivers
  • 3. Provides coaching on how to approach networking, interviewing and job selection
  • 4. Supports individuals to successfully obtain new roles, matched to their needs and interests

    ICP’s Outplacement Services are an invaluable resource for organisations and boast numerous benefits, including: Identifying new opportunities and finding new positions Offering employees support at a time of vulnerability Helping employees to develop a clear, considered plan for their next career step Reinforcing employees’ networking and interview skills Strengthening our client’s image, both internally and externally Bringing employees up to date with the current employment market Protecting our client’s brand and reversing negative publicity or perceptions of the employees